The hospital "Health 365" - is an modern multi-field medical center which offers great opportunities for diagnostics and treatment.

The clinic is located in the city centre on the crossroads of Kuznechnaya str. and Shartashskaya str.

"Health 365" is a new clinic and that is why it has some advantages. Two years ago we invited a team of specialists. Specialists, who have respect and recognition of their colleagues and patients due to their long-lasting, hard work and great achievements in medicine. The distinctive feature of the clinic's medical facilities is that all the equipment was purchased under requirements of the doctors. Each specialist listed the necessary equipment taking into consideration his working experience and the modern technologies in this sphere.

Thus, our excellent doctors have got at their disposal all necessary opportunities and facilities that are needed for a real professional.

We haven't created our clinic for poor or rich people, but we have created it for people who are used to appreciating their time and health. It is said, that "time is money and you can't buy your health", but we have created the clinic for those, who are ready to spend time on themselves and to buy their health".

"Health 365" will help you to discover a lot of opportunities due to a wide range of medical tests and methods of treatment.

We can be proud of the fact, that many of them are unique and available in Yekaterinburg only for our patients. The equipment in "Health 365" is produced in England, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and USA.

Our doctors are highly qualified, many of them are PhD and our nurses are attentive and qualified. Our work is carried out according to international standards, which are combined with care about our patients.

I believe, that soon everybody will understand, that health can't be either good or bad, because the presence of an illness means the absence of health.



Best regards!

Valery Malyshev

Chairman and CEO

Health is better! Choose health!