Home Healthcare 

If you're recovering from a hospital visit, have a chronic illness or you are disabled, you may need some help with life's daily activities. "Health 365" offers the services you need to ensure continuous high-quality medical care while you remain in your home and maintain your independence.

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive plan of care and education to you and your family through intermittent visits from skilled healthcare professionals. Whether you need short-term home care while you recover from an injury or illness or long-term care because of a debilitating disease, our program can help you live in your own home with maximum independence.

Home healthcare services are available to anyone who has a doctor's order and who needs intermittent skilled nursing or therapy services.

Services We Provide


  • Skilled nursing care, including wound care, IV therapy, medication and pain management education, education for post-operative health issues and more
  • Maternal and newborn care
  • Dietary counseling
  • Home health aide services, such as assistance with daily living activities
  • Patient and family education
  • Interdisciplinary case management

Benefits of Home Care


  • Earlier discharge from the hospital and extended care facilities, as approved by your physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • The ability to recuperate in your own home while you receive personalized, high-quality medical care
  • A less expensive alternative to hospitalization or nursing home stays
  • Education for you and your family about your illness or injury and the recovery process
  • Nurses monitor and assess your improvement and provide your physician with reports of your progress and outcome. In addition, we coordinate the ordering, delivery and setup of necessary equipment and supplies to help ensure that you receive uninterrupted care.


In addition, "Health 365" has staff members on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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