"Health 365" has its own Laboratory with modern equipment, which gives an opportunity to make express analysis. Laboratory testing is a significant part of your health care. Your physician uses lab tests to assess your health and make a proper diagnosis. It is important to us that we provide your doctor with accurate, quality and timely results so that they can provide you with the best health care.

Main laboratory investigations include Gematology, Coagulogramme, Chemistry, Electrolytic Profile, Blood Microscopy, Urology, GYN and ENT smears at alias.



When you need a lab test:


You must have a Physician's order.

No appointment necessary for routine testing. Simply check in at the information desk in the hospital lobby.

For your convenience, our Outpatient Laboratory is located off the hospital lobby.

We are experienced in drawing childrens' labs.



For more information visit: - information about lab test and what they mean.


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